Beyond E-discovery, Our Software Helps You Plan Your Entire Case

When you hear the word "e-discovery" your mind likely goes straight to document review. While our primary goal was to help you find documents you never thought you were looking for, and help you review them with ease, our patent-pending algorithm can do so much more. Both Start:Collect and Start:Review can be successfully used in various settings, such as early case assessment (ECA), corporate compliance, internal investigations, and public information requests (FOIA), just to name a few. Discover how below, or just ask us! We are happy to help you develop a solution that will fit your needs.

Document Review

Searching and reviewing documents for relevant information manually is a tedious task. Manual review results in an average recall rate of 51%, which means you are missing 49% of relevant data. Using Start:Collect, lawyers can cull down their datasets to more manageable sizes. Putting the culled data into Start: Review allows for quick and accurate analysis, so you can find the information you are seeking. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), smart redaction, privilege log generation, and custom production (export) options, Agile's process makes your document review easier, faster, accurate and more efficient than manual review.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Early Case Assessment has been dismissed as lawyers think that Technology Assisted Review (TAR) solutions, like Start:Review,  will solve the problem of having "too much data." While some TAR products can do this, you are wasting time and money while letting the solution slowly churn through  completely irrelevant data. Start:Collect works fast, easy, and cheap - culling down your datasets faster than if loaded into a tradtitional TAR application. Now you can quickly go through the relevant data so you can determine what your case is worth, or if there is even a case to begin with.

Compliance & Investigations

Most people don't think about using tools to assist with corporate compliance or investigations. However, searching for responsive data on a corporate server, no matter how big or small, is time consuming. Start:Collect and Start:Review can help you find responsive files faster than asking the custodians to remember where they saved their e-mails or documents. With a few clicks, you can be on your way to efficient searches for the information needed to finish your job while the data custodians can continue doing their jobs without interruption.

Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)

Requests for information from organizations can interrupt productivity and efficiency. Instead of having someone dig through old records, use our tools! Not only will Start:Collect and Start:Review save the time of someone having to do the job manually, our software is more accurate than a tired pair of eyes. Since we OCR on-the-fly, we can even search scanned and handwritten documents. At the same time, the person seeking information will have their request processed faster. The result? You meet your deadlines faster, and cheaper, than before.