From e-discovery and data governance plans to organizing and preparing the e-discovery for your next case, let us help you!

When it comes to e-discovery and data management, we can do it all for you. Whether you need help with creating a plan and structure to your e-discovery strategy to doing the collection and review of data itself, Agile's experienced staff is available.

Agile experts can help you bring the process in house without disrupting your operations. We’ll build a bombproof system that fits your firm perfectly. Then we’ll maintain it—for a fraction of what consultants charge.

There are no hidden charges or fees. You tell us exactly what you want us to do, we work out the pricing details with you, and then we produce results.

Use us for support

Review your organization’s internal structure. We determine how documents are generated, where they’re sent, and how they’re stored and retrieved.

Create a solution and strategy. We’ll work with your team to design a cost effective, all-Agile solution, free of the cumbersome third-party add-ons that many vendors use.

Integrate the design. We’ll seamlessly integrate Agile’s proprietary, natural-language software into your organization’s system.

Train your staff and make it work. Working with your IT people, we’ll train your staff. The Agile system is smart (and intuitive), so your people can be up and running fast—usually in less than a day.

You reap the rewards and can do it yourself. You’ll get the most advanced, natural-language document search process on the market— a hyper-fast system so intelligent, it can find concepts you might not have originally considered, and even allow for misspelled and misused words.

Most importantly, your document searching process will be faster, more efficient, and much less costly. And that will allow you to do more with less. Even as you take on bigger, more challenging cases.

Or let us do it all

Collect data from virtually any source in your organization. Using Agile software, our experts can search through every directory, every server, every networked computer and every email in your organization—and do it simultaneously, while keeping all your data in one place.

Organize and convert data formats. We can handle virtually any file type. We can even extract text from image files.

Select the most relevant data. We’ll search mountains of documents and emails, and then identify only those most likely to be relevant. If you need to add more data or search new concepts, no problem.

Provide marked and sorted documents. Tell us what you’re looking for. Using our proprietary natural-language software, we’ll find it in a fraction of the time it would take during manual review. We’ll deliver pinpoint accuracy, even if you’ve misspelled a search term or overlooked a concept.

Redaction and privilege. We are happy to work with you to ensure your data is properly redacted and marked for privilege. Our software will both redact and comment on items for privilege so we can create a redacted production set with an associated privilege log. If your attorneys need to complete this step, no problem. We can transfer data through our secure platform for your review.

Custom production of data. How would you like your data? Agile experts can produce it in a variety of formats, including custom Bates stamps.

Store data for re-analysis. You might need to search for new concepts or duplicate results at a later date. Our storage system makes the process easy and cost-effective.

Maintain an audit trail. We’ll provide a bulletproof audit and process trail that can assure the pickiest critic. Our legal experts are available to help you defend your chosen e-discovery strategy too!