Our History

Our history

Agile Data Solutions began as an academic research project to develop a desktop, technology assisted review project. We quickly matured into a company providing data collection, review, and production tools and services. We now have an established client base and proven success on projects ranging from 10,000 emails to 234,000 pages of pdfs.

Our guiding principle

To build intuitive, cost-effective, and smart software tools to lower the cycle time, risk and cost of searching, reviewing and categorizing electronic data.

Our Leaders

Joel Henry, PhD, JD - President

As our President, Dr. Henry is uniquely qualified in the field of e-discovery and early case assessment: he possesses not only a JD and a PhD in Computer Science, but also the curiosity of a born innovator. That rare skillset has helped lead to Agile’s advances in technology assisted review and digital evidence law, including discovery project management and computer forensics.

Joel’s technical skills are complemented by his people skills—and the ability to work productively with lawyers, technical staff, clients and the bench. He has a track record of success in legal work, technical research and project management; the result has been a history of cost-effective solutions for AgileDS clients. But according to his Agile team-members, Joel’s strongest attributes may be his unstoppable work ethic and his uncanny ability to envision the digital future of the legal profession.

Mike Pasque, JD - Senior VP of Products & Services

Mike Pasque discovered his passion for the intersection of technology and law after taking an e-discovery course in law school. Since that time, he has written in various publications and worked with attorneys to solve their e-discovery challenges. Mike is a people-person, with a technology background and a legal education, allowing him to effectively communicate with all parties in the battle to understand, develop, and execute e-discovery processes. His focus at Agile extends beyond consulting with clients, he believes there is always a better way to provide efficient solutions to lawyers and clients alike and works closely with the entire Agile team to promote that belief.

Mike earned his B.S. from Montana State University in Cellular Biology and Neuroscience in Bozeman, MT. He then moved to Missoula, MT, where he earned a J.D. from the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana.

Lucas Ochsner - VP of Operations

Lucas Ochsner earned an A.A.S in Diesel Technology and worked as a mechanic for years, during which his passion for technology remained consistent. He then went back and obtained a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Montana while working full time and raising a growing family.

He has been with Agile since the spring of 2015 and has possessed several positions and performed a multitude of tasks to help Agile grow. He has a unique set of skills that makes him a natural problem solver. He has what it takes to lead your project from the start to finish.

Emily Palmieri - Chief Technology Officer

Emily Palmieri has been a developer on START:Review since Agile’s inception and became Technical Lead as the company grew. Emily now serves as Chief Technology Officer overseeing the development of Agile’s entire line of software products.  She works closely with client support specialists and management to develop new features in Agile’s software that serve client needs.  As a student at the University of Montana, she earned a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.A. in Media Arts, and an M.S. in Computer Science.  Her interdisciplinary interests in software development, filmmaking, and technical theater have given her a range of skills in written communication, team management, organization, collaboration, and problem solving.