Minus the guesswork.

Collect culls down datasets, reducing the total information to review.


Review solves your search problem, understanding the concept of your search.

With both Collect and Review, you have the complete package to locate, search, tag, redact, and produce the information you are looking for.


Need only one? We'll help you decide.

Our automated, intelligent search tool.

Search through every data source quickly. Collect brings back only the documents and e-mails that "hit" on your search. Perfect for large datasets where you know the subject of what you are looking for. Combine with Start:Review to analyze the data after you find it.

Full service document review.

Start:Review let's you find what you are looking for, even if you didn't think of "that keyword." It learns from what you've tagged, and will suggest other relevant items that match your search habits. Review also utilizes this same algorithm for redaction and will suggest other documents that fit your pattern of redacting! From searching, tagging, redacting, and producing - Start:Review does it all, and is easily customizable to your needs.