It's not just about e-discovery. Let your solution be Agile!

Document Review

It's what e-discovery is known for. Start:Review lets you get to reviewing documents with ease and efficiency.

Early Case Assessment

Assess the merits of your case before it even begins. Or simply cull down your dataset to a more manageable size.

Compliance & Investigations

Compliance and investigations made easy. Find all the documents & e-mails that are relevant to you, making your job easier.

Information Requests (FOIA)

Public information requests are easy with Agile's software. Find the responsive documents with the click of a button!

  With the click of a button, Start:Collect searches through every directory, every server, every networked computer and every email. But instead of dumping every possible document onto your lap, it delivers only the documents and emails most likely to be relevant.




Review understands you, using patent-pending technology to help guide your review process. Instead of using keywords, let our concept engine bring you the relevant documents.



Let us help you when you don't know where to start.



With a staff of attorneys and techies, we are armed to help guide you through the e-discovery process. No more wasting time and money, we can get you started on the path to results fast!


Client Success

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Agile Leaders

As our President, Dr. Henry is uniquely qualified in the field of e-discovery and early case assessment: he possesses not…
Senior VP - Products & Services
Mike Pasque discovered his passion for the intersection of technology and law after taking an e-discovery course in law school.…
Vice President - Operations
Lucas Ochsner earned an A.A.S in Diesel Technology and worked as a mechanic for years, during which his passion for…
Chief Technology Officer
Emily Palmieri has been a developer on START:Review since Agile’s inception and became Technical Lead as the company grew. Emily…