An automated,

intelligent collection tool

that allows you to search

every data source.



With the click of a button, Start:Collect searches through every directory, every server, every networked computer and every email. But instead of dumping every possible document onto your lap, it delivers only the documents and emails most likely to be relevant.

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A review tool so smart

it can find every

document you need.

And even ones you didn’t

know you needed.

Developed by a lawyer with a PhD in computer science, Start:Review uses patent-pending technology to understand you better—and make your searches far more accurate and consistent.

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minus the guesswork.


Until now, searches used simple combinations of keywords. As a result, you were forced to enter the perfect term, wait for the results, and then reorder the keywords.

Start:Review solves the search problem. Instead of just looking, it first listens—and finds the underlying concept of your search. So it finds not only what you wrote, but also what you meant (despite misspellings). The result? Greater precision. Faster speed. Better results.

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Smart marking

and redacting,

with extra accuracy

and less work for you.


Start:Review learns from your searches. So once it shows you a relevant document or email, it automatically finds dozens more that contain text with the same meaning. Start:Review uses the same technology when redacting, to help you redact documents faster.

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Pay for Start

from your current



The Agile pricing structure is a series of pleasant surprises. You purchase a single (and surprisingly reasonable) per-user license. With no hidden fees. No maintenance fees. And no required server purchases.

You can start

using Start today.


The Start suite is smart, not big. It can install on any computer and go operational in less than a day.

Stop guessing. Stop waiting.
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